Contemplative Practice? There’s an App for that!

When I first took up the practice of Centering Prayer, I was accompanying my wife on a week long study leave. We rented bikes and rode to the Monterey waterfront. We ordered crepes in a tiny French bistro. In the afternoons, she took time to study, pray, and plan for the upcoming season of pastoral duties.

Centering Prayer App

Sounds great, right? And it was. But the return to the daily grind was looming. I had known for a long time I simply didn’t have the internal resources adequate to the life I was living. Enter Centering Prayer.

I had brought along a training course on Centering Prayer by Contemplative Outreach – a set of DVDs, some audio CDs, Prayer Cards, and a workbook.

I spent the week immersing myself in the study and practice of Centering Prayer.

I’ve written elsewhere about the gradual but dramatic effects of this simple practice had on my life, chief of which are a greater and more direct sense of purpose, vitality, and agency. I’ve had increasing insight into the obstacles that I struggle with and how to overcome them. A little space opens up of non-judgmental self-observation. As this space grows we become increasingly aware of what to let go of and what to keep.

Life itself changes because the filters through which we experience it are changed.

Last year I came across a fantastic app that helps with this process. A mobile app for daily centering prayer? Sounds fishy, right?

Here’s what it provides:

  • Centering Prayer Guidelines
  • Select readings from Scripture and the writings of Thomas Keating
  • An adjustable timer
  • Several opening and closing bell sounds
  • Closing prayer readings

All right from the mobile you likely already have on you.

I did experience some amount of tension early on in using a gadget that so often interrupts my peace as a means of trying to bring it about.

The days I can just shut the phone off for extended periods are the best.

But for the rest of the time, this is a fantastic way to simplify my daily Centering Prayer time. It’s completely free without ads and is available for iOS and Android. You can download it on your mobile device from the app store or from Google Play.

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