What Does It Take To Love An Enemy?

During a recent visit one of my family members was recounting a trip they had taken to Europe. On the trip they had visited several churches. In one of them the congregants had written letters to members of ISIS and read them to the congregation.

To Love An Enemy, To Love A Killer

This family member was recounting with shock and amazement that these parishioners would call members of ISIS “brothers” and claim to be “praying for them every day.”

I was a little shocked that the family member was shocked.


From Victimhood To Freedom

When I was in a relationship in my late teens I was cheated on. What made the experience even more devastating was the sacrifices I had made for that particular relationship and how tightly I clung to it for a sense of self-worth. Talk about all your eggs in one basket!

The psychological toll was tremendous, especially for someone who’s core desire is for affection and esteem. For me, that meant serial fixation on someone as the source and symbol of that affection and esteem.