A Dark Secret To Happiness?

I recently spent the weekend with an old friend who was going through a series of losses on several fronts. His grandmother, his mother, and his dog had died within a year, and he separated from his wife and was undergoing divorce proceedings.


Meanwhile, there are two small children to take care of on a tight budget as he wraps up an advanced degree program. On the surface, the challenges seem overwhelming.


The Mechanics of Gratitude

A few years ago, my wife accepted a job in San Diego, but there were very few jobs available in education, so for two years we both made the three-hour commute back and forth between San Diego and Los Angeles on our days off.


Given our budget, my residence during the week was a studio apartment in a downtrodden part of LA. There was no kitchenette and the shower was a lukewarm trickle. And most mornings I didn’t have time to wait for the trickle to move past frigid.