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Los Angeles

Ruggedly good looking, deeply creative, with a sunny disposition to boot...if LA were on Tinder, the app would crash.


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Things to Know

Traveling to Los Angeles can be slightly overwhelming for the uninitiated. Here's what you need to know before you come.

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Best Neighborhoods

From Hollywood-chic style to down-to-earth food trucks and farmers markets, Los Angeles' draws are myriad. The best way to explore this sprawling city is by…

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Day Trips

Day trips from Los Angeles offer stunning coastal scenery, wine regions, hiking, wildflowers, culture and kitsch.

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Money and Costs

Los Angeles isn’t the most budget-friendly city but with the right intel, you can visit without breaking the bank. Here's everything you need to know.

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LA's sprawling size can be overwhelming and its public transport doesn't cover every district. Here's how to find your way around the City of Angels.

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Free Things to Do

Los Angeles may seem like it's the playground for the rich and famous, but here's the scoop on the free and fabulous.

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Traveling with Kids

Los Angeles is already a magnet with its incredible climate and iconic sights. Add kids into the mix and that fun factor skyrockets to another level!

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LGBTIQ+ Travel

Our LA local shares their best tips for queer travel in LA.

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Hollywood, California/ USA  11-21-19 Two young people hiking in Hollywood California's Griffith Park stop to  admire a famous sign in the Hollywood Hills; Shutterstock ID 1575362842; full: 65050; gl: Lonely Planet Online Editorial; netsuite: Best hikes in LA; your: Brian Healy
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These 8 hikes showcase Los Angeles’ surprising natural beauty

Feb 5, 2024 • 6 min read

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