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Medieval castles, cobblestone villages, captivating cities and golden beaches: the Portugal experience can be many things. History, great food and idyllic scenery are just the beginning.

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Best Things to Do

From wine tasting to stargazing, experience the best of Portugal with this guide to the top things to do.

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Things to Know

What to wear when dining out to the best way to get around, our Porto resident gives you the lowdown on things to know before you go to Portugal.

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From coastal train rides to DIY exploration with a hire car, here's how to get around Portugal.

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Visa Requirements

All the info you need about getting a visa for Portugal, how long you can stay and the new visa-waiver program coming in 2024.

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Money and Costs

From free museums to wonderful medieval architecture, it's possible to get by on as little as €50 a day in Portugal. Here's how.

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Best Road Trips

Throw together an Iberian soundtrack and you're ready to hit the open road in Portugal. Here are our top Portuguese road trips, from the hills to the coast.

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Traveling with Kids

Children are welcomed everywhere you go in Portugal. Check out our top tips and the coolest experiences for your next family trip in Europe.

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10 of the best things to do in Portugal

Jan 22, 2024 • 7 min read

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