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San Francisco

If there's a technology still unimagined, a poem left unspoken or a green scheme untested, chances are it's about to happen here. Goodbye, inhibitions; hello, San Francisco.


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Things to Know

San Francisco is an incredible city to visit but you could make your experience even better with these 12 top tips from a local.

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Best Neighborhoods

San Francisco has many different neighborhoods. Here are some of the best for eating, drinking and exploring the city's history.

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Day Trips

Taking a day trip from San Francisco opens up a world of classic California experiences. These are our seven favorite day trips in the Bay Area.

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Money and Costs

These money-saving tips can help you explore San Francisco on a budget.

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With notoriously bad traffic, near-impossible parking and streets as steep as ski jumps, ditch the car in San Francisco. Here's how to get around instead.

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Free Things to Do

Get to know San Francisco and its people with this guide to the best free things to do in the city.

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Traveling with Kids

The mild-weathered City by the Bay is a compact place, ranked number seven in the US for parks, with tasty food for even the most finicky eaters and with a…

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Young woman walking in downtown San Francisco, California. She is wearing casual clothing, sightseeing the old and beautiful San Francisco downtown area, texting on the smart phone.


The 16 best things to do in San Francisco

Feb 5, 2024 • 9 min read

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